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Internationally-acclaimed Resumes for Attorneys  and other Legal Professionals.

“Karen, this cover letter and résumé look so good, I am almost ready to hire myself. Thank you so much!”

L.D., Germantown, MD

“Thank you so much for your great work on my résumé, the result is fantastic.”

K.H., Cairo, Egypt

“I think everything looks great. Thank you for your help.”

T.L., Turlock, CA

Many people erroneously believe that a résumé is little more than a glorified job application, that what an employer wants to see is simply a bland list of an applicant’s duties and responsibilities while on the job.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A résumé is actually a sophisticated marketing tool. Strategically formatted and presented, it will give a candidate a staggering edge over the competition…

Why a professionally written résumé?
Professional résumé writers know that, in today’s competitive marketplace, a résumé has to survive a critical 10-15 second scan in which the employer/recruiter glances over the document to see whether the candidate has anything substantial to offer his/her business. If such is the case, the résumé (and the applicant) is then entitled to further scrutiny. If not, the document is usually relegated to the trash receptacle.

Since employers/recruiters are typically very busy people perusing literally hundreds, if not thousands, of résumés per day, the document has to have pertinent information to grab the recruiter’s attention and make him/her want to look further.

As experienced Certified Professional Résumé Writers with job-winning knowledge and expertise, we have inside information as to exactly what it is employers wish to see that will ignite their interest in such a way.

We have received literally hundreds of messages from candidates stating that they have been sending out résumés and not receiving any responses, without in the least understanding why.

As experienced Certified Industry Professionals, we know why, and we will make sure your résumé gets the attention it deserves by illuminating your qualities, skills, and background in a way that will make you shine and stand out from the competition, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR BACKGROUND ACTUALLY IS! As CPRW's, we are specially trained to do this.

So why leave your future to chance?
Edge out the competition with a professionally written résumé expertly designed and crafted, and get started on your future today!



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