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Internationally-acclaimed Resumes for Attorneys  and other Legal Professionals.

“I've looked over the resume and bio and I'm very happy with both. You've done a great job of incorporating a LOT of data and doing so in an easily readable format - plus the fact that it’s worded extremely well…

“BTW, I've gotten positive reviews of both from the clients that I distributed them to … 

“I just looked over the cover letter and I like it. I have to say that I'm very pleased with all three docs and I know they'll help me greatly with this new business venture! Thanks again for all of your work!”

C.P., West Chester, PA


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you get the information from which to prepare my resume? Do I simply send you a copy of my old resume?
  2. Do I get to look at the resume before it is finished?
  3. How exactly does your service work?
  4. How long does the entire process take?
  5. How can I be sure that my new resume is not going to be simply a more polished version of my older one? What do you do that is different?
  6. What about confidentiality? 
  7. What do your resume packages include?
  8. Is your resume guaranteed to get me employment?




The Process works like this:

You have several choices:

  1. If you are in the NY metropolitan area, we can meet, where you will simply fill out our Résumé Skills and Goals Compiler™ to assess your professional/educational background, goals and skills. From this we will prepare a winning resume/cover letter package.

  2. The entire process can be conducted via telephone, email and / or fax for your convenience. You simply contact us at (631) 704-3220 or toll-free at (800) 234-3569, for a consultation in which we will compile all the necessary information, or else email / fax you our questionnaire for you to complete and return at your convenience. From this we will assess your goals, skills and professional/educational background to prepare a winning resume/cover letter package.

  3. It is also recommended that you email (or bring with you)  any previous resume/s you may have to illuminate your skills and experience as well as simplify the information-gathering process.

  4. Once we receive the appropriate forms/information to begin the writing process, we will prepare an expertly crafted, strategically formatted, visually appealing resume/cover letter designed to generate employer interest and grant you that coveted interview.

    Our experience along with insider knowledge of what employers want enables us to give you a significant edge over the competition in your chosen field.

  5. At the end of this initial preparation stage we will email (or directly present you with) a First Draft copy of your resume/cover letter documents for you to review for any changes, modifications, additions, etc. 

  6. While this first draft copy is usually very close to the Final Document or complete in itself, we will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction in the process. 

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Yes. After the necessary information is received, a skillfully prepared resume will be generated and you will be emailed ( or directly presented with ) a First Draft copy to review for any necessary additions, modifications, deletions, etc.
Keep in mind, though, that as Certified Resume Experts, we know what proper resume presentation is, and we will coach and mentor you accordingly throughout the process.

Thus we ensure that your new and improved resume is not simply a refurbished copy of your old, ineffective one, but rather is designed to make you stand out from the competition and win interviews.

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You should expect your first draft within 5 days. As stated, this first draft should be very close to the final product, but may need some minor revisions to be entirely satisfactory. You should expect the entire process, including revisions and alternate delivery formats (if included), to be complete within 10 days.

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At BCR, we take the art of skillful resume presentation very seriously. As the saying goes, “if you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

We take great pride in our work to ensure you have a resume that showcases your skills, background and accomplishments in a way that places you head and shoulders above the competition, regardless of what your background is!

As Certified Industry Professionals, we are specially trained to do this.

What we will not do is simply polish up your old resume (if you present us with one). We will, in fact, completely rewrite it, using the old document only to illuminate your skills and background and simplify the information-gathering process.

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At BCR, client confidentiality is top priority. We will never disclose any client names or information outside of our company without your written permission.

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Resume Packages vary depending on your individual preferences and job search requirements, and are always tailored to meet your needs.

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Since the purpose of a resume is to generate interviews that lead to employment, rather than employment itself, no resume or career service can actually guarantee employment; your ability to obtain the job is contingent upon your performance at the interview as well as related factors.

However, we do guarantee that your resume will generate interviews within a 90 day period, or we will revise/rewrite your resume for free.

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